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Event Calendar

for the first 2 years 51 events

For the first two years
from December, 5 2001 till October, 31 2003,
Cultural center Zornitsa organized 51 events,
it inflamed the Bulgarian spirit in Montreal
and spread that feeling to lots of towns
in Canada and outside of Canada as well.
That was the idea of the center Zornitsa,
an idea of Renaissance
and after its successful realization,
the team of the center continues to work
with more subtle rhythm
but with the same spirit!


Bulgarian Renaissance Montreal - 2001

1 - 05.12.2001 Concert of GEORGI HRISTOV
2 - 16.12.2001 Concert of VANIA KOSTOVA
3 - 20.12.2001 Issue N 1 of newspaper Zornitsa

Bulgarian Renaissance Montreal - 2002

4-8.01.2002 Issue N 2 of newspaper Zornitsa
5- 19.01.2002 The first Discotheque
6- 23.01.2002 Issue N 3 of newspaper Zornitsa
7- 05.02.2002 Issue N 4 of newspaper Zornitsa
8- 17.02.2002 Concert of the talents
9- 19.02.2002 Dirge for VASSIL LEVSKI
10-20.02.2002 Issue N 5 of newspaper Zornitsa
11- 03.03.2002 Opening of the Bulgarian school St. Kiril and Methodii
  - 2002 for the first school year
12- 06.03.2002 Issue N 6 of newspaper Zornitsa
13- 20.03.2002 Issue N 7 of newspaper Zornitsa
14- 29.03.2002 Concert of VANIA KOSTOVA
15- 03.04.2002 Issue N 8 of newspaper Zornitsa
16- 06.04.2002 Gathering of the Bulgarian church
17- 17.04.2002 Issue N 9 of newspaper Zornitsa
18- 01.05.2002 Issue N 10 of newspaper Zornitsa
19- 15.05.2002 Issue N 11 of newspaper Zornitsa
20 - 4.05.2002 Celebration of the 24th of May, patron of the Bulgarian school St. Kiril and Methodii
  And the 1st of June the day of the child
21- 24.05.2002 Exhibition and competition of childrens drawings
22- 25.05.2002 The first TOUR
23- 04.06.2002 Issue N 12 of newspaper Zornitsa
24- 18.06.2002 Issue N 13 of newspaper Zornitsa
25- 02.06.2002 Theatrical show with Iskra Radeva
  Margarita Hranova
  Ivan Balsamadjiev
26- 29.06.2002 Bulgarian participation on Russian stage
27- 03.07.2002 Issue N 14 of newspaper Zornitsa
28- 27.07.2002 Concert of TONY DIMITROVA
29- 15.09.2002 Opening of the Bulgarian school St. Kiril and Methodii - 2002 - 2003 - The second school year
30- 05.11.2002 Issue N 16 of newspaper Zornitsa -
Zornica came out as a separate, independen
31- 20.11.2002 Issue N 17 of newspaper Zornitsa
32- 30.11.2002 Theatrical plays of The Theatre of Satire
33- 06.12.2002 Issue N 18 of newspaper Zornitsa
34- 23.12.2002 Issue N 19 of newspaper Zornitsa

Bulgarian Renaissance Montreal - 2003

35 - 17.01.2003 Issue N 20 of newspaper Zornitsa
36 - 18.01.2003 Concert of VOLODIA STOYANOV
37 - 26.01.2003 Grandmothers day in the Bulgarian school
38 - 07.02.2003 Issue N 21 of newspaper Zornitsa
39 - 27.02.2003 Issue N 22 of newspaper Zornitsa
40 - 01.03.2003 Concert of RITON
41 - 14.03.2003 Issue N 23 of newspaper Zornitsa
42 - 22.03.2003 Concert of YORDANKA HRISTOVA
43 - 26.03.2003 Issue N 24 of newspaper Zornitsa
44 - 21.05.2003 Issue N 25 of newspaper Zornitsa
45 - 24.05.2003 Celebration of the 24th of May, patron of the Bulgarian school St. Kiril and Methodii
  And the 1st of June the day of the child
46 - 24.05.2003 Exhibition and competition of childrens drawings
47 - 21.06.2003 Issue N 26 of newspaper Zornitsa
48 - 15.09.2003 Issue N 27 of newspaper Zornitsa
49 - 15.09.2003 Opening of the Bulgarian school St. Kiril and Methodii - 2002 - 2003 - The third school year
50 - 26.10.2003 Issue N 28 of newspaper Zornitsa
51 - 30.10.2003
Theatrical show with Iskra Rade
  Margarita Hranova
  Ivan Balsamadjiev

 How was
the Zornitsa newspaper born?

How was the Zornitsa newspaper born?
When my family arrived in Montreal, I found out that in the last 10 years the connection between the Bulgarians in the city had become loose. I made a proposal to the chairman of the Bulgarian association to organize a concert of Vanya Kostova. I also proposed the creation of a Bulgarian newspaper with the collaboration of a journalist who lived in Montreal but they refused that. Maybe people did not believe that something might come out of this.

But we had a great desire to preserve our Bulgarian spirit, and I love to be involved in organizational activities, my husband was of a great support to me financially, technically and morally. He supported the realization of the concerts, of the newspaper, of the Bulgarian school as well as of the Bulgarian library and childrens exhibitions, of the first discotheque and the first steps for the creation of the Bulgarian church. What was the secret? There was no secret! Our great desire and love was everything that supported us.
We began that activity in September, 2001. The first events were on December 5, 2001 when Georgi Hrsitov was our guest, on December 16, 2001 Vanya Kostova. December 20, 2001 was the date of the first issue of the newspaper and March 3, 2002 was the date of the foundation of the Bulgarian school. For the first two years our cultural center Zornitsa has organized 51 Bulgarian events. The Zornitsa newspaper also helped because it successfully made the connection between Bulgarians, it inspired them with enthusiasm and faith and it remained loyal to its idea.

I know I might sound too enthusiastic and eager, but this is what my heart feels and this is what my words say! I think that our team deserves to be proud about those first two years. We managed to touch a lot of hearts, to evoke a lot of smiles and to light a sparkle of hope in Bulgarians and to do it not only in those who live in Montreal!

We received many strikes but also a lot of love and gratitude! This is enough for us.

To all Bulgarians who have the desire to maintain the Bulgarian spirit, wherever they are now, in this very moment, I wish them to be themselves and to be more daring optimists!

Iva Belichka