ZORNICA - It is the name of the star known also as the Morning Star -
it rises first at dawn and sets last at night,
just like the Hope we should never give up on !

Borislav Bahariev (editor, Technology), Evgeni Toromanov (consultant), Iva Belichka (editor-in-chief), Ivo Bogdanov (editor, Technology), Katya Petkova (editor, Community), Lilli Goleminova (editor, Culture & Art), Toma Belichki (chief consultant)

The friends (on the photo ):

Boris & Olga Neploh (editors in the Toronto-Montreal Russian newspaper), Ivan Shekerdjiev (guitar player), Eva Savova (pop singer), Angel Tzenov, Darina Bogdanova, Dimitar i Emilia Dimitrovi, Edi i Rosi Yazadzan, Monika i Georgi Petrovi, Nikolaj Stinkov , Todor Katzarov


Dec. 20, 2001 - Montreal

    Hello to all the Bulgarians in Montreal!
This is the first edition of the Bulgarian newspaper "Zornitsa", which will be a part of the Russian newspaper "Montreal-Toronto". We begin with two pages, hoping gradually to increase the number. Zornitsa is the first star, which we see at dusk and the one left till the morning. Let Zornitsa be a symbol of Hope and Light glittering far ahead
We would like the Bulgarian newspaper "Zornitsa" to be not just piece of information, but a connection among the Bulgarians in Montreal. Let's try uniting, making a strong Bulgarian community, here, in Montreal and Canada. In this way we can pass through the difficulties much easier. To be together in both good and bad times! I know, for you I am a person with too much enthusiasm. But I think, when one has dreams, he owes it to himself to try and make them come true. If we have much passion, confidence - and most importantly - desire, we can spread the power and energy all around. This is the least somebody can ask from relatives and compatriots. We need not only information, but some coherence and moral support.
Lets bring out the kindness and humanity hidden inside everyone. Lets make them our protection shell.
I am aware of the fact that I sound too far-fetched and enthusiastic, but sometimes this is necessary...
Whatever we can do, let's do it together!
It's good to know that you are not all alone.
I think inside of every single person there is such a desire, lets set it free, let us be united and make this connection among us in Montreal. Let's do what we can do together - why not a Bulgarian church, why not a Bulgarian school for our children on Saturdays? To be together, to celebrate with our Bulgarian singers, who still can set the Bulgarian spirit on fire and charge the brain with new power!
It is enough, even not intentionally, to think about this and keep it in us and it will appear in the proper moment!

I hope so!
Iva Belichka




Bulgarian Renaisance- Montreal 2001
5.12.2001 -
Concert N: 1 - Georgi Hristov
20.12.2001 -
Newspaper ZORNICA- The pilot issue - N: 1
The First Year:
School Year Opening Ceremony
19.02.2002 - Requiem for Vassil Levski
06.04.2002 Bulgarian Church - the first meeting
Today when all of this is a reality, after 51 events, which we are organized for the first two years, we could be proud that we achieved it with common efforts and we hope to continue in the same direction